Brez nasal breathing aids, manufactured by AirWare Inc, Scottsdale, Ariz, are now available in all Rite Aid stores as well as many independent pharmacies across the United States.

The Brez nasal breathing aids are drug-, latex-, and adhesive-free and work directly inside the nose to alleviate primary snoring. Brez is available in three sizes (small, medium, large), and inserts into the nose to lift, expand, and support the interior walls of the nasal passages to reduce the resistance of airflow.

Brez is an over-the-counter treatment that has been reviewed and categorized as a Class 1 exempted medical device based on the US Food and Drug Administration definition.

According to a press release from AirWare, data from an independent clinical study showed that those who used Brez experienced a 52% decrease in snoring events from an average of 1,247 to 654.