August 10, 2006

Edison Health Innovations (EHI), Phoenix, is celebrating its one-year anniversary of its no-mask, no-surgery therapy for sleep disordered breathing and hypoxemia-related illnesses in Phoenix, August 17, 2006. Zhou’s Hypoxicology Therapy (ZHT), named after its discoverer Jin Zhou, MD, DC, attains results by addressing sleep breathing problems at their source.

“Many approaches for sleep breathing problems, such as apnea and intense snoring, work by cutting away or stiffening tissue at the top of the throat, or by inflating the collapsible airway with low pressure air using a CPAP device,” said Zhou. “ZHT is different—it recognizes the underlying cause of these problems as being tracheal caudal displacement, which is a gradual settling of the trachea into the upper chest. Just like a cork in a bottle, this downward pressure compresses the tissues in the neck, creating the symptoms that Western medicine has come to associate with sleep apnea and hypoxia.”

The ZHT protocol has two parts: The practitioner focuses on getting the trachea back into its rightful position with various exercises, based on individual patient needs. Then the patient practices self-care at home, returning to the practitioner for periodic reevaluation. Non-invasive recording devices track the patient’s progress and guide the practitioner in adjusting the self-care regimen. ZHT can be used alone or with any other professionally administered treatment regimen.

“We have trained more than 100 ZHT practitioners in the past 12 months, and we intend to train 500 more next year,” said D.H. Leavitt, EHI president. “I am a tireless advocate of this technology, because of what I have seen it do for me and my friends. People who have tried everything find ZHT makes them sleep better and breathe better.”

ZHT practitioners must be licensed by their state, and can include dentists, medical doctors, osteopaths, respiratory therapists, chiropractors, and others. In addition, they must complete ZHT training and complete a practice review, supervised by Zhou.