February 14, 2007

Instead of chocolate or flowers, perhaps the gift your overworked, overscheduled, and overstressed significant other truly wants is a good night’s sleep. According to a recent Valentine’s Day survey conducted by Select Comfort, creator of the SLEEP NUMBER® bed, almost a third of women surveyed would take a good night’s sleep over more traditional romantic gifts.

The Valentine’s Day survey also revealed that many couples believe sharing a bed makes them feel more connected and is crucial to a healthy relationship. However, the survey shows people who sleep with a spouse or partner are not sleeping well. And because a significant number admit their spouse or partner is the reason for their poor sleep, 35% of those surveyed think their relationship would improve if both people could achieve a good night’s sleep.

The survey also found the following:
• Twenty-eight percent of American women surveyed want to receive a good night’s sleep for Valentine’s Day this year. Just shy of jewelry (35%), a good night’s sleep is even more desired than chocolates (12%) or flowers (21%).
• Americans are not sleeping alone. Sixty-seven percent of Americans share their beds.
• Americans are not sleeping well. Although the vast majority of people (90%) say sharing a bed is a crucial part of their relationships, 45% admit either they or their spouse is getting insufficient sleep.
• Sharing a bed means sharing problems. Snoring dominates as the number 1 problem, with 65% saying their spouse or partner snores. Other problems include tossing and turning (46%); wanting different bedroom temperatures (31%); or having a spouse or partner who likes a softer or firmer mattress (21%).
• Twenty-two percent of couples say they would consider buying a new mattress for Valentine’s Day if they could adjust each side of the mattress based on individual preference.
• Those not getting enough sleep are 148% more likely to say their relationship would improve if they and their spouse or partner could get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.