Advanzeon Solutions Inc, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pharmacy Value Management Solutions Inc (PVMS), signed an agreement with Ultimate Consultation Inc (UCI) to market, promote, and participate in operating Advanzeon’s SleepMaster Solutions sleep apnea program to a wide variety of medical service providers providing care to individuals with “special needs.” These include developmentally disabled, mental health, substance abuse, and a variety of other individuals requiring specialized care. The agreement is effective immediately.

The initial population being earmarked for the home sleep apnea testing program totals approximately 2,000, with testing planned to commence December 15, 2015. The first round of testing is projected to generate gross revenue of approximately $2.8 million. Additional patient testing will be added as quickly as manpower and availability of testing equipment permits.

This engagement provides that UCI will introduce the company’s sleep apnea diagnostic and treatment program as its exclusive sleep apnea program along with its other healthcare products servicing various special needs agencies throughout the state of New York. The special needs population has, traditionally, when tested, demonstrated a high instance of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Unfortunately, testing of this group has not traditionally been the norm, and a large segment of this population goes undiagnosed as sufferers of OSA. UCI has a long and distinguished history of providing clinical care to special needs communities. UCI currently services special needs agencies who collectively service tens of thousands of patients. For the past two months, prior to the signing of the above agreement, members of UCI’s staff have been training with Advanzeon’s staff in New York, learning the intricacies of providing the program to their various end users.

Jerry Smith, Advanzeon’s chief operating officer, says in a release, “We have long been aware that our sleep apnea program has tremendous application in the special needs communities. We are also very familiar with UCI’s strong position as a premier servicer of the special needs communities. This relationship with UCI allows us to dramatically advance our mission of implementing our program, quickly, to a vast group of end users. The relationship also allows us to provide our services in a manner consistent with the specialized needs for this very special group. The program will be delivered in various settings, including group homes, specialized clinics, day treatment programs, and other specialized care settings. Through this relationship with UCI, we expect our customer volume to grow rapidly and to significantly widen our geographic footprint in the Northeast commercial markets. Phase one is scheduled to commence December 15, 2015, with major regional hospitals and clinics currently servicing the special needs agencies. We believe that a significant number of the special needs population being serviced by UCI will require an initial home sleep apnea test with a significant number of the population being tested requiring long-term sleep apnea treatment.”