A “spot” bill introduced as Senate Bill 1526, the Polysomnographic Practice Bill, has been referred to the Senate Business & Professions and Economic Development Committee and has been tentatively scheduled for a hearing by the Committee on April 7, according to information released by the California Sleep Society. The bill aims to serve as a legislative solution to the August 2007 decision by the California Respiratory Care Board (RCB) to begin issuing fines and citations for the unlicensed practice of respiratory care associated with polysomnography.

Language from the spot bill states: “The legislation addresses critical issues such as educational standards, examination standards, and requires a fingerprint background check.”

A “spot” bill can be introduced while the language of the legislation is formalized. The full language of the bill is anticipated to be finalized prior to the April 7 Committee hearing.

After the bill passes the Committee, the Senate will vote on the bill. After the bill passes in the Senate, it will move to the House.

The California Sleep Society is urging support for the legislation and is expected to provide a sample letter to send to the members of the Senate Business & Professions and Economic Development Committee.