Jared Fogle is famous for his self-made diet of Subway sandwiches, which helped him lose 245 pounds. However, his diet wasn’t spurred by a family member’s plea or a visit to the doctor, it was spurred by sleep apnea.

The article quotes Jared as saying, “I even refused to go to the doctor. I knew the doctor would tell me to lose weight.” At his top weight of 425 pounds, no one in Jared’s family could talk him or beg him into going on a diet.

What finally inspired him? A college roommate at Indiana University, who was a pre-med student secretly tape recorded Jared as he slept, and later explained to Jared that he probably had sleep apnea.

Jared told the Washington Post how this new information inspired him, “After years of denial and not accepting that I had a problem, I had developed both sleep apnea and edema. I thought, ‘Wow. Enough is enough. I need to make some changes.’”