A $1.4 million investment is expected to create an additional 50 new jobs over the next 5 years as medical device manufacturer Rhythmlink International LLC expands its Richland County facility in South Carolina. The expansion will include an automated packaging line in a new 1,500-sq-ft ISO 8 Certified, Class 100,000 cleanroom.

When Rhythmlink was founded 12 years ago, it started out manufacturing its medical devices at a facility in China. Now Rhythmlink is expanding its design and distribution headquarters in South Carolina to include manufacturing. With growing labor and cost of living increases in China, it is the right time to move production to the United States. Rhythmlink product made in the United States will be available for sale in mid to late 2015.

“As Rhythmlink continues to grow, we keep looking for ways to stay competitive,“ says Michael O’Leary, chief operating officer, in a release. “After careful analysis, it made sense to take some of our production processes out of our facility in China and move them closer to home. We looked at Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and even a couple of other states. After working with and receiving support from our partners at the State of South Carolina, Richland County, and Capital Bank, in the end it was less expensive and clearly more practical to invest in automation for a new packaging line right here in our own facility in Columbia. We’re very excited about our new expansion in Columbia and thrilled that Rhythmlink can add new jobs in South Carolina.”

Integral to bringing overseas manufacturing to Columbia and to meet a growing demand, automation will allow Rhythmlink better quality control, customer service, and improved ability to bring products to market faster, the company says. This project will reduce costs and allow Rhythmlink to compete in existing markets and enter new markets more quickly.