Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI) is partnering with Pinckneyville Community Hospital in Pinckneyville, Ill, to provide comprehensive sleep testing and diagnostic services as part of the hospital’s specialty clinics. Together, CSI and Pinckneyville Community Hospital offer patients complete, local sleep testing and sleep disorder screening services using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

“We are delighted to work with Pinckneyville Community Hospital to provide high quality sleep medicine services to Pinckneyville and surrounding communities,” says Joseph Ojile, MD, DABSM, FCCP, founder and CEO of CSI, in a release. “We’re working together to deliver world-class sleep medicine, locally.”

Randall Dauby, administrator and CEO of Pinckneyville Community Hospital, says, “Improving our specialty clinics to provide these enhanced sleep medicine services is part of our program to bring the best possible medical services to our community. We’re very pleased to partner with Clayton Sleep Institute.”

The sleep lab provides a full-range of tests for sleep apnea, including overnight sleep polysomnography,  split-night study that combines a diagnostic test with treatment test of equipment, and home sleep apnea tests. CSI’s registered polysomnographic technologists (RPSGTs) will staff the patient testing and local board-certified sleep physicians as well as CSI’s sleep medicine specialists will interpret the test results. CSI will provide the diagnostic equipment and supplies for the sleep clinic and will manage appointment scheduling, confirmations, and facilitate communications with referring physicians

“Patients that have a sleep study with us will be on the path for diagnosis and treatment of issues keeping them from healthy sleep and possibly contributing to other health concerns. They will learn about the quality of their breathing during sleep and the quality of their sleep,” says Eric Campbell, specialty clinic manager for the hospital. “We also have the capabilities to screen patients for sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, and narcolepsy, all right here in Pinckneyville.”

The sleep clinic includes 2 patient rooms with hotel-scale amenities including pillowtop mattresses, television, and private bathrooms. During the sleep test, RPSGTs will monitor and record brain waves, breathing, heart rhythms, and blood oxygen levels.

Requests for sleep study appointments can be made by calling 618-600-5271 or faxing a signed physician’s order to 314-645-6446.