Polysomnography (PSG) systems are used to record and analyze sleep studies set up and supervised by sleep medicine professionals in a sleep laboratory. Compare PSG equipment on parameters such as reporting, lab management software details, amplifier specifications, video options, and more.

Company:NeurovirtualCadwellCleveMedCompumedicsNatus Medical IncNihon Kohden America IncNox MedicalPhilips RespironicsSOMNOmedics America IncSOMNOmedics America Inc
PSG System:BW3 PSG PlusEasy IIISapphire PSGGrael 4K PSG:EEG with Profusion Sleep SoftwareNatus SleepWorks with Embla NDx or SDxPSG-1100 Sleep SystemNox A1 PSG SystemAlice 6 LDxN with Sleepware G3SOMNOscreen HD with DOMINO SoftwareSOMNOscreen plus PSG with DOMINO Software
Description:Equipped with 50 channels, the BW3 performs clinical PSG and EEG from the same hardware and software platform. Hardware is portable via carrying case or can be permanently installed. Dual electrode/sleep sensor inputs on the head box and amplifier provide flexibility. Built-in pressure transducer on both head box and amplifier. Built-in Nonin pulse oximeter module.The Easy III PSG system lets you record crystal clear signals with 4kHz sampling rate and bedside impedance checks. Protect your equipment with the remote input box and ensure recording integrity and provide patient convenience during in-lab sleep studies.Sapphire is a totally wireless PSG system including A/V. 22 channels, compact, and easy to install. Patient unit includes headbox, data acquisition, memory storage, and real-time wireless transmission all in one small box. A small wireless receiver connects to a laptop/desktop in monitoring room. System includes all sensors, wireless A/V.For those with a need for clearer, more precise data for sleep studies and a more advanced capabilities in data analysis and data management, the high-definition package from Compumedics delivers. It includes the latest digital amplifier technology and advanced applications software with available tools such as CAPS analysis and ECG analysis.Embla NDx-102 channels, SDx-58; both with derived channels, nasal pressure, & built-in oximeter. Touchscreen base allows bedside impedance and biocals. SleepWorks offers review and analysis of PSG data & video during collection, and an integrated SQL distributed database enhances workflow on PCs with role based security and support for Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption.The PSG-1100 amplifier incorporates the recommend AASM channel set and includes inputs for a 10-20 montage and 3 EKG inputs with dedicate reference. The PSG-1100 has built-in SpO2, EtCO2, pressure transducer, and bedside impedance check. The main unit of the PSG-1100 includes built-in memory and 6 DC inputs (expandable to 14).Hospital-to-home diagnostic device with dual purpose of PSG in-lab testing with the ability to also work as home sleep test, able to perform level I, level II, and level III studies. Calibrated Nox RIP technology, wireless connectivity, continuous impedance control, built-in microphone, tablet application for mobile flexibility, designed for easy hookup experience.The Philips Respironics Alice 6 PSG systems are designed to help you meet your changing business and clinical needs. Features such as integrated RIP driver, dedicated differential pressure transducer, and direct digital connection to OmniLab Advanced+ and LoFlo EtCO2 capnography allow staff to focus more on patients and less on equipment.SOMNOmedics’ most powerful & flexible sleep diagnostic tool­—ambulatory or stationary; as a screener, PSG, EEG32—all with the same device. HD touch screen; true wireless technology & wireless PLMs; automatic sensor & electrode recognition—making montages a thing of the past; PC independent setup, bio-calibration & impedance check at bedside. FDA approval for pediatric use.The original portable PSG device—ambulatory or stationary; as a screener, PSG, EEG32—all with the same device. true wireless technology; color & mechanical coded inputs for sensors; PC independent setup, signal check at the bedside; rechargeable battery; auto detection of sleep/wake; FDA approval for pediatric use; includes variety of sensors and analyses.
Warranty (years):2111112222
Maintenance Program:AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
PSG Software Year Introduced:2017200720032014200319982020200720072007
PSG Software Date of Current Version:20202020, April20192019202020202020, June2020, October2019, October2019, October
PSG Software Duration of Included Updates:for product lifetimealwaysfor 5 yearswithin-version updateswithin-version updateswithin-version updatesfor product lifetimefor length of hardware ownershipfor product lifetimefor product lifetime
PSG Software Included Manufacturer Reports:All PSG software manufacturer reports included.Defaults and custom reports included with new installation.PSG, Titration/Split Night, MSLT.AASM and CMS classification reports. Physician interpretation and diagnostic and split night reports.Adult & pediatric diagnostic, split, titration, MSLT/MWT tabular & interpretation reports.PSG, CPAP, SPLIT, MSLT, MWT, HSAT, scoring comparison reports & 26 other built-in reports.All PSG software manufacturer reports included.8+ templates including options for PSG, Split, MSLT, and inter-scorer reliability.User-defined reports according to modifiable templates as well as customer-specific reports.User-defined reports according to modifiable templates as well as customer-specific reports.
PSG Software Users Can Create Reports:YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
PSG Software Manufacturer Can Create Reports:YesYesYesYes (fees applicable)YesYes (fees applicable)YesYes (4 hours of custom report programming included, additional by purchase)Yes (fees applicable)Yes (fees applicable)
PSG Software Same as HST Software:YesYesSimilar scoring and reportingYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Lab Management Software Database Type:SQL-basedProprietaryProprietary flat-fileSQL-basedSQL-basedMS-SQLFile formatSQLMS SQL, Access (MDB), My SQL, SQL LightMS SQL, Access (MDB), My SQL, SQL Light
Lab Management Software HL 7 Enabled:OptionalYesNoOptionalYesYesYesOptionalOptionalOptional
Year Amplifiers Introduced:2012200720072016201920132020201120162007
Amplifiers Sampling Rate (Hz):2,0004,00025616,3844,096Up to 2,000256,0002,000up to 4,000up to 4,000
Amplifier Storage Rate (Hz):5002502564,096256 – 4,096200; 250; 500; 1,000; & 2,000200up to 500up to 4,000up to 4,000
Amplifiers Transmission Mode:TCP/IPCat5/6Wireless (2.4 GHz)Cat5e/6TCP/IP or USBIP addressableBluetooth/Cat5Cat 5WirelessWireless
Amplifiers Impedance Checks:Software, bedsideSoftware, bedsideMonitoring stationComputer, bedsideControl room, bedsideControl room, bedsideControl room, portable tablet bedsideWorkstation (default), bedside (optional)Control room PC, device HD touchscreen at bedside, tabletControl room PC, device at bedside, tablet
Video Available Lens Types:Fixed focus with digital zoom and PTZ with optical zoomVarifocal fixed and PTZAnyFixed focus and PTZPTZ (standard or high-definition)PTZ, auto/manual focus and fixed focusPTZ and fixed focusPTZ and fixed focusvarious video options availablevarious video options available
Video Adjustable Frame Rate During Collection:YesNoYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Video Post-acquisition Editing:YesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
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