NovaSom Inc has designated John Spitznagel as the company’s new CEO and member of the board of directors. Effective immediately, Spitznagel succeeds Richard Hassett, MD, who served as president and CEO since 2010.

“We are excited that John is joining the NovaSom team,” said Jim Datin, NovaSom board member. “His experience in building successful commercialization programs is exactly what we need at this time for the future success of NovaSom’s AccuSom Home Sleep Test. John will help make this test available to the millions of consumers who need to be tested—and treated—for OSA.”

Spitznagel brings more than 45 years of experience as a successful health care executive, with extensive knowledge of commercialization and growth strategies. Spitznagel comes to NovaSom from Oceana Therapeutics Inc where he served as chairman and CEO. Prior to Oceana, Spitznagel worked for Esprit Pharma Inc, ESP Pharma, Roberts Pharmaceutical, Reed and Carnrick division of Block Drug, Hoffmann-La Roche, American Home Products, and Warner-Lambert.

“NovaSom is uniquely positioned in the market to meet the changing needs of patients, physicians, and sleep centers,” said Spitznagel. “We have a terrific solution for in-home testing of OSA and the ability to help millions of people live a healthier life. Once it is recognized how easy and convenient testing can be, we are confident that AccuSom will quickly become the in-home test of choice.”