Itamar Medical Ltd will unveil two enhancements to its WatchPAT product line at SLEEP 2021.

“These product enhancements reflect our commitment to continuous improvement of the sleep patient pathway by leveraging Itamar’s digital health platform to deliver increased home sleep testing efficiency, broader information access beyond the apnea hypopnea index (AHI), and improving the quality of sleep clinics’ operations around home sleep diagnostics,” says Gilad Glick, president and CEO, in a release.

WatchPAT ONE with SleePath

For the first time, subjective data can be collected from patients through the WatchPAT smartphone app, both before and after the home sleep test. This new service, WatchPAT with SleePath, will be offered to sleep clinics and will be customizable based on the specific needs of the sleep clinic and their patients. This new service gives sleep health providers simple and easy access to digital documentation in one report that combines sleep study metrics and patient self-reported data, replacing traditional paper documentation.


The WatchPAT ONE-M, an enhancement to the company’s disposable WatchPAT ONE, enables sleep physicians to order multi-night test and follow-up with their patients after each night of testing to determine if further testing would be beneficial. This is most relevant in situations where the need for further evaluation become apparent after the first night of testing or if new information provided by the patient raises concerns and additional testing could be critical.

“As our WatchPAT technology becomes increasingly more predominant in sleep disorder diagnostics, we look forward to leveraging our growing customer base to transition our WatchPAT app into an active communication tool for patients and their physicians. The addition of WatchPAT ONE-M is expected to support a higher level of interaction between sleep physicians and their patients, as it provides an opportunity to leverage patient feedback in parallel with the sleep test, deliver one comprehensive report, and enable physicians to follow-up with their patients more effectively,” Glick says.

“We are excited with the announcement of WatchPAT with SleePath and WatchPAT ONE-M multi-night capability. These advancements will further simplify the sleep diagnosis process and are a critical step towards more personalized sleep diagnostics as so many things impact sleep, and not all nights are the same,” says Matthew Schmitt, MD, clinical governance council chief of sleep medicine, Piedmont Healthcare, in a release.