Health-E Commerce has partnered with ŌURA to make the Oura Ring, a smart health- and sleep-tracking device, accessible to millions of Americans through flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).

Those with FSAs and HSAs will have easier access to purchase the Horizon ring with their tax-free healthcare dollars on FSA Store and HSA Store.

“As part of our mission to simplify FSAs and HSAs, Health-E Commerce is committed to giving consumers access to a broad selection of products that support and improve everyday health, and partnerships with top brands like ŌURA achieve this goal,” says Susan Elliott-Bocassi, senior vice president of operations of Health-E Commerce, in a release. “By making Oura Ring Horizon available on FSA Store and HSA Store, we’re increasing eligibility awareness among account holders and giving them easy access to devices that can elevate their health.”

Oura Ring delivers health insights in a lightweight design with advanced sensor technology that delivers real-time data on heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, activity, sleep monitoring, and more. 

Oura Ring adapts to an individual’s health and well-being needs over time and provides personalized guidance that enables them to adjust their routines and achieve their goals.

“When it comes to health and preventive care, opening up access to tools and services to as many people as possible is how we’ll revolutionize the future of longevity and healthspan,” says Tom Hale, CEO, ŌURA, in a release. “We’re proud to partner with Health-E Commerce to improve access to Oura Ring for those enrolled in FSAs and HSAs.”

Photo caption: Oura Ring Horizon is now available on FSA Store and HSA Store.

Photo credit: Health E-Commerce