Mattress company Purple Innovation Inc has become the first distributor of BioFi’s RemWave, a non-wearable sleep and wellness monitoring device, through a new partnership.

Photo caption: Retail storefront for the mattress company Purple at Old Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie, Ill.
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Purple will offer RemWave in select retail locations and provide demonstrations for customers.

“We’re excited to bring the RemWave experience to our customers. Sleepers can monitor their sleep without being bogged down by wearables and make adjustments to maximize restorative sleep,” says Jeff Hutchings, Purple’s chief innovation officer, in a release.

Measuring six inches in diameter, RemWave can be placed underneath any bed to track and monitor sleep. It can track up to two people’s sleep with two devices underneath the bed. It features sensors that detect presence, motion, and vital signs to help better understand and improve sleep quality. 

“Our goal was to bring accuracy, convenience, and an improvement in lifestyle through sleep monitoring in a non-wearable device that this growing industry so desperately needed. With RemWave, we have done just that. The future of the best night’s sleep is here,” says Seth Campbell, founder and CEO of BioFi, in a release. “Purple is known for being an innovative company and has brought unique, cutting edge, and proprietary solutions to sleep and wellness for years. Because of this, we believe that Purple makes the perfect partner to bring this breakthrough technology to wellness-minded consumers everywhere.”

The combination of Purple’s GelFlex Grid mattresses, proven to improve sleep, combined with the sleep and wellness monitoring of the RemWave will bring a full-service solution to customers, according to a release from Purple. 

RemWave devices and demonstrations became available in 11 Purple Showrooms in Utah on Nov 1. 

Photo caption: RemWave

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