Korean sleep technology startup Asleep will showcase its Sleeptrack application program interface (API) that uses built-in microphones in smart devices to collect sleep data and Sleep Routine, an application-based service, at Viva Technology 2023 in Paris.

Sleeptrack API can be combined with various improvement services by using AI technology that monitors sleep stages through breathing sounds during sleep. Asleep’s sleep monitoring technology measures sleep stages in any environment only with microphone-equipped devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, or speakers.

Asleep’s application-based service provides users with easy-to-read reports. Photo credit: Asleep

According to a release from Asleep, the company’s sleep monitoring technology delivers accuracy without using a wearable device such as a smartwatch. Asleep notes in the release that its technology shows 15% higher accuracy on average when measuring REM sleep, non-REM sleep, and wake than those of comparable smartwatches within the industry.

Asleep’s Sleep Routine app curates users’ sleep status in comprehensive sentences and user-friendly reports, allows users to keep a diary of their sleep impressions and dreams with AI-generated images, and features a REM alarm that wakes up users during REM near alarm time.

In addition to sleep stage monitoring, Asleep has been published in academic journals as a technology for detecting sleep-related respiratory problems in real-time, regardless of age, gender, race, or environment.

Earlier this year, Asleep unveiled a smart bedroom system that incorporates its sleep AI technology with home appliances from LG Electronics at CES 2023 in January. The company also joined the Korea-US summit in May 2023 as a member of the visiting US delegation and strengthened collaborative ties with global partners, Stanford University School of Medicine, and the US National Sleep Foundation.

“During CES 2023 held in Las Vegas in January, and the economic delegation’s visit to the US for the Korea-US summit in May 2023, Asleep gained great interest from the local market,” says Asleep CEO Lee Dong-heon in a release. “With the aim of growing into a global company, we will attend Viva Technology 2023 and seek possible collaborations with various business partners not only in the US market but also in the European market.”

Photo caption: Asleep’s Sleeptracker API

Photo credit: Alseep