Forbes reviews some of the latest technology in the smart bed industry, including the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep and the ReST Bed.

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is a hybrid foam mattress topped by an “Active Grid,” which is a combo of memory foam, water-filled channels, and biometric sensors, supported by layers of foam and 4″ innersprings. It has a water-filled hub that monitors your temperature and the temperature of the room, then cycles warm or cool water through the Active Grid accordingly. Your friends will call it a “waterbed” and be confused more when you correct them by saying it’s a “water-enhanced hybrid foam mattress.”

The ReST Bed has air chambers in its base, with a 4-inch foam topper that uses Purple foam for the top 2 inches. Its connected hub (or hubs if you have a larger bed) lets you adjust the bed to your desired firmness, then monitors pressure points while you sleep, adjusting each of the five air chambers to keep your pressure profile neutral as you shift throughout the night. Your friends will call it an “air mattress” and be confused until you compare it to a Sleep Number bed.

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