The new feature allows users to visualize the impact of sugar, water, and exercise on their overall sleep quality, to help users meet their health goals.

MyFitnessPal, a nutrition and food tracking app, is rolling out its latest innovation: Sleep Factors, a new feature within the app’s Sleep function that allows users to visualize the impact of sugar, water, and exercise on their overall sleep quality. 

In November, the brand first introduced Sleep, an integration that allows members to view sleep data captured from bestselling apps and trackers across iOS and Android, alongside their food logged for the day. Building on that technology, Sleep Factors now provides users with even more impactful insights on how the foods and drinks they consume during the day impact their nightly rest. 

All members utilizing the feature accessible through Sleep will be able to view a chart breaking down their sleep cycle type as well as food logs for the day, broken down by meal. Premium users will now have extra visibility into the individual factors impacting their sleep—sugar, water, and exercise—with a visual representation of their consumption levels for each category, alongside the optimal recommended range. 

“While consumers can access endless health and fitness insights from a multitude of apps and wearables, we’re often left wondering what all the data means and how to apply it to our lives to improve our health and wellness,” says Jason Peterson, chief technology officer at MyFitnessPal, in a release. “With the introduction of Sleep Factors, our members can begin to gain a deeper understanding of how sugar intake, water consumption, and exercise impact their overall quality of sleep. While the connection between nutrition, weight loss, and sleep is often overlooked, MyFitnessPal is committed to giving our members data that helps them make better choices.”

Sleep Factors is now available on MyFitnessPal, within the Sleep feature of the app, and can be accessed when users pair the MyFitnessPal app with Health Connect (for Android users) or Apple Health (for iOS users). 

For members looking for additional support, MyFitnessPal offers members a free Eat Right, Sleep Tight plan that aims to help users break the cycle of exhaustion with five days of tips that address meal timing, hydration, and a bedtime routine for a restful night’s sleep. The MyFitnessPal app can be downloaded for free via App Store and Google Play.