A brief from Epic Health Research Network describes the diagnoses and specialties that saw the largest visit volumes of telehealth, with the goal of informing future strategy around telehealth.

The percentage of 2019 visits conducted via telehealth was extremely small (e.g. of the more than 875,000 visits in Family Medicine in this time period, less than 0.015% of them were telehealth), making year over year comparisons of little value. The top 10 diagnoses for telehealth visit volume in 2020 are summarized in the left column of Figure 1. As expected, virtually all diagnoses saw a decrease in total visit volume, while some, namely anxiety, were able to maintain 80% of their 2019 visit volumes (43,992 total visits in 2020 compared to 55,041 total visits in 2019) with over half being virtual.