American TelePhysicians (ATP), a virtual healthcare company, and MedBridge Healthcare, a provider of sleep center management services, have joined forces to provide sleep diagnostics and therapeutics within ATP’s healthcare offerings. 

Through this partnership, patients can access a seamless sleep medicine ecosystem via ATP’s healthcare CURA4U platform, incorporating screening, diagnosis, treatment, and consultations with sleep medicine specialists. This collaboration aims to address the underdiagnosis of sleep disorders, providing patients with timely care, greater access, and improved health outcomes.

Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed or untreated, impacting individuals’ overall well-being. Recognizing the need for enhanced sleep healthcare, ATP and MedBridge have combined their expertise to create an online sleep medicine ecosystem. This ecosystem, available through ATP’s SleepRx and CURA4U platform, empowers patients with educational resources and allows them to easily schedule at-home sleep services. Patients can receive comprehensive care ranging from sleep screenings and diagnoses to tailored treatments and consultations with sleep specialists.

“MedBridge has developed many successful programs aimed at lessening the number and severity of sleep disorders. American TelePhysicians’ physician team is passionate about patient care, and we are excited to merge our sleep specialties to create an ecosystem that will benefit patients suffering from sleep disorders,” says Dr Waqas Ahmed, founder and CEO of American TelePhysicians, in a release. “And CURA4U is an easy-to-use app or web-based platform for patients to search for and schedule services, or just learn more about sleep disorders.”

John Mathias, chief development officer at MedBridge Healthcare, says in a release, “MedBridge Healthcare first partnered with American TelePhysicians’ physician team to assist with sleep consultations to ensure the medical necessity of ordering in-center or home sleep apnea testing. They have a patient friendly and timely service that ensures appropriate diagnosis, patient engagement, and follow-up therapeutic care. They customized their own SaaS platform to accommodate our specific client needs. Their commitment and attention to detail made patient access and adherence more successful. We look forward to expanding their professional services with our diagnostic and treatment offerings.” 

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