Automation software can help sleep lab managers and other professionals automate sleep study scoring, screening, and interpretation. Softwares vary by offerings and may include features that streamline DME ordering, care management, patient engagement, and therapy adherence. Sleep Review‘s comparison guide showcases all the major automation software programs on the market so that providers have the information they need to make educated decisions about the products they use.

CompanyAarogram IncAR Medical TechnologiesCerebra Medical LtdEnsoDataMonitAir HealthSleepGladSleepImageSomnowaresovaSAGEVirtuox
MaskFit ARMY Sleep ScoringEnsoSleepMonitAirSleepGlad Mask FitterSleepImage SystemSomnowareTherapistAssist JeanieHSATpro
Description:Aarogram’s AI system generates insurance benefits summaries and patient estimates (for specific sleep services) cost-efficiently and automatically in real-time instead of spending hours doing it manually. It offers benefits verification, patient out-of-pocket estimates, and prior authorization solutions specifically for sleep centers and practitioners.MaskFit AR uses the most robust and secure technology on the market to perform remote or in person facial scans from any smart device or webcam and accurately selects patients optimum fitting PAP masks from all brands. It scans nostrils for nasal pillow size and does not take or store images.MY Sleep Scoring’s sleep diagnostics platform features exclusive access to patented Odds Ratio Product (ORP), providing unique insights into sources of sleep disruption. Built by sleep professionals for sleep professionals, MY Sleep Scoring features a streamlined viewer and study workflow system. Powered by ORP, the highly validated scoring system reduces technician scoring time while advanced features built for technologists improve consistency of scoring.
EnsoSleep is an FDA-cleared, cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) sleep scoring and study management solution for viewing, scoring, editing, and reporting of PSGs and HSATs. EnsoSleep simplifies and accelerates the sleep testing, diagnosis, and treatment workflow. The simplified workflow saves both physicians and sleep technologists time, providing more opportunities to expand patient care, improve outcomes, and treat more patients.

All-in-one, HIPAA-compliant FDA-registered Medical Device Data System (MDDS) combines remote data monitoring and telemedicine features to help improve patient outcomes while increasing provider and patient engagement.

Whether PAP/NIV patients are remote or clinic setups, scan with patented, 3D mask fitting AI technology with 97% accuracy. Comprehensive mask options with inventory selections from eight manufacturers. No equipment to purchase or single-use app to download. Magnetic contraindications are standardized & documented. Messaging with patients to get info fast including documents. Analytics for better business decisions including subjective compliance data contributing to early-intervention tools.

The SleepImage system is an FDA-cleared, cloud-based software as a medical device (SaMD) for diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing in children (age 2+) and adults, with output that is on par with polysomnography for sleep apnea diagnosis. Utilizing cardio-pulmonary coupling as measured from the ANS, it also allows for highly accurate measurement of sleep quality and sleep fragmentation, which can be trended over time and treatment.

Somnoware is a provider of cloud-based software to streamline diagnostic testing workflows and care management.

The Jeanie platform is a digital sleep coach designed to support CPAP adherence. It includes a patient-facing digital sleep coach, comprehensive compliance management services including RT & coaching services, and a detailed and comprehensive DME patient management platform.TherapistAssist SmartFit mask selection and fitting tool is integrated and included.

HSATpro is a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables sleep professionals to manage a profitable HST operation utilizing the latest HST sensor technology. Testing as a Service (TaaS) outsourced functions also available for fulfillment, patient support, report interpretations, and more.
What it Automates:
Insurance benefits verification, prior auth requirements, and patient estimates.

Traditional PAP mask fitting and selection, refits, telemedicine, and resupply processes.

Sleep study scoring, ORP sleep depth analysis, and study workflow.

Sleep study scoring, analysis, and report generation.

Nightly CPAP data pulled into centralized hub, advanced adherence tracking.

Mask fitting.

Detection of obstructive and central apnea at 3% or 4% desaturation, calculates AHI, RDI, ODI, sleep quality index, sleep onset, TST, WASO, NREM, REM, sleep fragmentation.

Patient questionnaire, messaging, data flow, scheduling, inventory management, testing workflows, sleep study interpretation process, DME ordering & dispensing, reporting (via Somnoware Diagnostics). Therapy data flow, patient messaging (via Somnoware Care Management).

Management of PAP patients, including AI-based mask selection & fitting, virtual PAP set up platform & services, and the Jeanie compliance.

Testing workflows, shipping/receiving, inventory management, patient notifications, interpretation.
Default Dashboard:
Patient list by stage, insurance status, prior auth status, appointment date, payment status.

Number of users, patients, masks, scans, patient info, user activity, and analytics.

Study configuration, customizable scoring criteria, current study status, and RPSGT and physician assignment.

Overall lab volume for PSGs and HSATs, median turnaround and clinical review times, breakdown for the organization’s study types

CPAP patient risk stratification, CPAP usage data, monitoring activity, etc 

Patient scans, compliance alerts, messaging, PRN orders, PRN documents, PRN messaging, BI analytics, custom settings/formulary, user management, knowledge base, ad hoc reports.

Patient management, clinician management, profile and settings configuration, online store

Care management: patients diagnosed vs set up, patient risk profile, patient comorbidities, patient adherence score

Patients on an exception basis with full communication and clinical note transparency

HST metrics: pending and completed tests, pending and completed interpretations, inventory on-hand, and more. Ability to view all metrics by location or the entire organization.
Where it is Used:
Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems, Online Sellers

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, Health Systems

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems, IDTFs

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems, RPM, Etc.

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems

Sleep Disorders Centers, HMEs/DMEs

Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Health Systems, Dentists
Pricing Structure:
monthly subscription: $499-$1,999 based on scope and patient volume

subscription plans: $1.75-$3.00/scan based on number of scans

Per study pricing  (scales with monthly volume; no upfront cost) 

monthly subscription (cost based on number of active patients on the platform)
Transactional fees based upon volume
[email protected]


based upon number of patients managed

Discounted pricing on HST devices and monthly SaaS fee
Insurance benefits info update, prior auth status update, claim payment status update

Scan completed, expired link, resupply notification, targeted patient and multi patient communications

Days since study completion

Wrong-type or too-short studies, study sections that contain dropped or noisy signals, advice on when to make pressure and therapy changes, split criteria reached 

Change in patient CPAP usage data, incoming patient communications

Patient-reported PAP compliance issues 

Stop light reporting for expected normal values

Custom patient engagement alerts based on patient-reported data, comorbidities, OSA severity, CPAP adherence, in-home connected devices, and more

Configurable (can include mask issues, exchanges, pressure tolerance, and elevated AHI)

Patient test reminders, workflow status notifications
EHR (eClinicalWorks, Cerner, Epic, Athena, etc), Brightree, Somnoware

CRMs, e-commerce websites, payment processors, billing platforms
Compatible with most leading software and devices; contact EnsoData to confirm compatibility

All major PAP/NIV manufacturers 
Several pending; open APIs available
API connections to common products and services

EMR/EHR, testing devices, therapy devices

I-Code Connect, Care Orchestrator

NightOwl, SleepImage, ApneaLink, Alice NightOne, EnsoData
AI/Machine Learning Features:
Automated insurance benefits verification, patient out-of-pocket estimate, reimbursement and prior auth insights

Mask selection algorithms based on clinical, scan measurement and historical fit data; image processing using proprietary facial feature detection methods
EnsoSleep uses machine learning to score and stage studies with 93% diagnostic accuracy for the four AHI severity groups
NoneMask recommendation algorithm learns with engagementNoneNoneOptimize mask selection and fitting, smart coaching services, clinical monitoring and risk assessmentNone
Year Introduced:2023202220232017202120192009201720232022
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