Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered diagnostics company EnsoData announced it has assisted clinicians in scoring the one-millionth patient via its sleep-scoring software EnsoSleep.

“Reaching one million patients is just the beginning. Our dream is now a reality,” says Sam Rusk, company co-founder, chief AI officer, and member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine AI Committee, in a release. “The one million patients analyzed by EnsoSleep have spent approximately 36 years of collective time in REM sleep, the stage where we dream. Here’s to the next big goal for this dream team: 10 million patients.”

Supporting a network of more than 130 leading provider organizations, EnsoData helps clinicians diagnose patients more quickly and accurately, allowing them to get patients the treatment they need for sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), according to a release from EnsoData. 

EnsoSleep study management provides clinicians with a single, cloud-based platform for reviewing, editing, and reporting on sleep studies, leading to increased efficiency across the sleep lab workflow. The customizable reports also simplify the report generation process for sleep labs, getting results back into patients’ hands more quickly.

“Accelerating OSA diagnosis to this level was only possible through the team here harnessing the power of AI to automate a time-consuming and costly manual process,” says Justin Mortara, president and CEO of EnsoData, in a release. “Our EnsoSleep AI solution creates efficiencies for health systems and clinicians that enable reinvestment in patient care and education, reduction in readmission rates for patients with comorbidities, and development of better screening programs to identify people with undiagnosed OSA.”

EnsoData received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for EnsoSleep in 2017 and received an additional clearance in 2021 for new capabilities and enhancements.

Photo caption: EnsoData’s EnsoSleep has now scored one million patients.

Photo credit: EnsoData