What is at PAP-NAP? It’s an abbreviated daytime sleep study using PAP therapy to desensitize patients whose anxiety is likely to cause sleeping with the device to fail. It is attended by a technologist and records at least four channels of data.

How do I bill it? There aren’t any codes in the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codebook that specifically describe the PAP-NAP service. Some payors have recognized CPT code 95807 (sleep study-attended) to bill the service but, as the AASM notes, that code only approximately reflects the service that is being performed. Because the event typically lasts under 4 hours, providers use the “-52” modifier to indicate a reduced (less than full 6-hour) sleep study.

Will I get paid? Medicare. There is no Medicare coverage determination or other reimbursement guidance addressing PAP-NAPs. However, Medicare has historically reimbursed the PAP-NAP service when billed as 95807-52.

Commercial Payors. Different commercial payors have taken different reimbursement positions at different times. A handful of commercial insurance payors now specifically recognize PAP-NAPs—but in a negative way. Persons seeking to perform PAP-NAPs should communicate with the payor’s medical director or other policy personnel to obtain consent for payment of the service and use of the 95807 code.

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