Sleep medicine newcomer Lofta has just launched a comprehensive program that aims to eliminate obstacles to successful sleep apnea treatment nationwide. Its “Complete Path” is a holistic concierge-style service that lets clients engage in a high-touch experience from initial screening and sleep testing, on through to diagnosis, therapy, and ongoing support. The entire diagnostic phase and start of treatment all takes place at home, typically in under 7 days.

The idea grew out of Lofta principal Jay Levitt’s own experience with sleep apnea and a process he found to be unnecessarily complicated.

“There’s an opportunity to improve the sleep therapy landscape,” Levitt says. “We identified multiple challenges: the clinical complexity, the lack of guidance, and little to no follow-up. We removed it all, including the awkward overnights at the sleep lab. Now everything can be done at home. Even the consult with the sleep physician is done online via video chat.”

A virtual care telemedicine platform lets Lofta clients gain access to an independent group of board-certified sleep physicians who oversee the medical aspects of the process, while the company’s high-touch consumer focus and elevated e-commerce site provide a personalized experience.

“The failure rate of the existing diagnosis and treatment path is alarming,” says Jennifer Levitt, chief strategy officer for Lofta. “The Lofta experience changes the game by delivering a holistic path from initial engagement to screening, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing support.

”We want to change the conversation around sleep-disordered breathing. We do that by addressing the misconceptions surrounding the condition, and then shifting the focus to moving individuals through the diagnosis phase into a meaningful and supportive therapy program.”

Lofta bypasses the maze of insurance reimbursement in favor of monthly and annual subscription plans, including 12-month, 0% APR financing available to qualified customers. The company offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund. The Complete Path for sleep apnea diagnosis, CPAP therapy devices, treatment, supplies, and the Lofta support plans—including RightStart45, Sleep365, and RX Express—can be accessed through

Clients participating in the Lofta subscription therapy packages receive support of a Lofta sleep coach, as well as emails with daily sleep data reports. The company furthers the commitment to connected care by dispensing therapy devices that can be monitored and adjusted remotely for efficacy and comfort.

Lofta will also introduce microsites for sleep wellness products, such as its recently launched, which sells the ResMed AirMini travel CPAP.