NovaSom Inc will be showcasing its AccuSom Deliver program for sleep centers offering out-of-center sleep testing (OCST), at the SLEEP 2012 meeting in Boston, June 9-13, at the NovaSom booth #120.

AccuSom Deliver provides a complete OCST logistics solution while the participating sleep center maintains clinical control of their patients. The new offering includes a cloud-based portal for sleep centers to enable management of uncomplicated adult OSA diagnosis via OCST. The new portal is integrated with the AccuSom testing device, a wireless out-of-center sleep study device approved by the FDA. Leveraging NovaSom’s mHealth partnership with Verizon, data recorded by the device in the patient’s home is wirelessly transmitted to the sleep center portal for timely, efficient diagnosis.

Leveraging more than 10 years’ experience with OCST, the AccuSom Deliver program allows sleep centers to enjoy the scale and operating efficiency of the NovaSom’s proprietary MediTrack operating platform and StudyViewer interpretation portal. Once a sleep specialist prescribes an OCST through the cloud-based portal, NovaSom ships the device directly to the patient’s home. NovaSom’s Clinical Team provides proactive, 24/7 clinical support to patients throughout the testing protocol. Upon completion, test data are transmitted wirelessly via the Verizon Network to the portal and presented in a user-friendly display ready for sleep specialist interpretation.

“As major health care payors increasingly require home sleep testing for uncomplicated OSA, it makes sense for sleep centers to incorporate an accurate, efficient out-of-center sleep testing model to ensure patients continue to be cared for by trained sleep specialists,” said Richard Hassett, MD, CEO, NovaSom. “Our AccuSom Deliver partnership program is designed to facilitate out-of-center sleep testing in a way that is flexible with the sleep center’s daily spike in demand. It offers sleep centers the ability to significantly extend their reach in the community with a highly convenient test to expand their market opportunity.”