After over 3 years, the United States Patent Office has granted Apnea Sciences a utility patent #8833374 on its microadjustment technology for its anti-snore mouthguard.

SnoreRx meets and exceeds the oral appliance for obstructive sleep apnea (OAOSA) standard of being able to adjust in 1 mm increments up to 10 mm. A patient can easily readjust and lock in a new setting at any time, which is the OAOSA standard.

Jimmy Fallon, vice president, says in a release: “You would not think of buying shoes that claimed one size fits all, neither should you consider using an anti-snore mouthguard that cannot adjust to your individual mouth; to do so would likely cause TMJ and pain. The custom Thermal-Fit impression prevents tooth movement and is similar to a $2,000 custom oral appliance sold by dentists.”