SOMNOmedics, a family-owned manufacturer of sleep diagnostic devices, has completed the first steps in converting to a public limited company, as it gains its first minority shareholder with VIVISOL.

VIVISOL acquired a minority share of 15% to strengthen its presence in the home care field. The majority of the company remains in family ownership. VIVISOL is part of the SOL Group, a multinational operating company in the technical, industrial, and medicinal gases division, as well as in the home care division.

For years, VIVISOL has been one of SOMNOmedics strongest partners in various European countries, according to a release from SOMNOmedics. With this involvement, SOMNOmedics and VIVISOL will consolidate and intensify their cooperation.

Claudio Garbellini, vice general manager of SOL Group and responsible of the home care activities, says in a release, “Our close cooperation with SOMNOmedics is successfully dating back many years so that the decision of becoming shareholders developed very naturally. This partnership confirms our willingness to continue growing in the field of sleep apnea disorders.”

Gert Küchler, MD, founder and CEO SOMNOmedics, says in a release, “With this important step we will strengthen our strategic cooperation which is already running successfully in more than five European countries, and we win our first shareholder after the transition from a GmbH (limited liability company) to a stock company. The strong connection between sleep diagnostic and therapy is clearly a benefit for physicians, patients, and of course for both companies in the sleep market.”

After the conversion into a stock corporation, 25% of the shares will be used to implement charitable projects in the ANNE Foundation.

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