Virtual neurology clinic Neura Health has introduced a research-based, sleep-specific offering for employers to support employees experiencing sleep disorders. 

Neura Health’s virtual neurology clinic is suited to treat a range of sleep disorders, all of which involve the brain, with a focus on sleep apnea and insomnia. Neura connects patients with a sleep specialist in less than a week via video visit, allowing the specific problem to be diagnosed and treated quickly with a personalized plan. Neura coaches stay with patients throughout the course of treatment, helping guide them and adapt the treatment plan as needed. Sleep apnea patients will also be able to access home sleep apnea testing and sleep apnea devices through Neura.

“Our virtual neurology clinic model has proven successful in quickly and effectively treating neurological conditions like headache and migraine, so expanding that model to sleep conditions, one of the most costly and prevalent chronic condition segments within neurology, is a logical next step,” says Elizabeth Burstein, co-founder and CEO of Neura Health, in a release. “Our solution combines fast access to specialists and ongoing, personalized support that’s unique among other sleep products and will maximize value for employers looking to support employees dealing with these disorders.”

Neura Health’s comprehensive approach allows for employees with any sleep disorder, or combination of sleep disorders, to receive the intervention they need quickly from a sleep specialist, along with continued, personalized support, according to a release from the company.

“The current process for identifying and treating sleep disorders, like other neurological diseases, is often fraught with inefficiencies, including long wait times to see a specialist and difficulty getting an accurate diagnosis,” says Douglas Moore, head of product at Neura Health, in a release. “Our virtual neurology clinic addresses those gaps, getting patients the care they need quickly with ongoing support so that employers can reduce mistakes and missed work days, not to mention comorbidities, that result from sleep deprivation.”

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