Virgin Atlantic is now offering aromatic towels for passengers that combine a number of scents to induce and promote sleep, reports DNA.

Restless, sleepless and tired due to jet lag after a long overnight journey and want to reach your destination at the earliest? Seems to be a common complaint among fliers.

Virgin Atlantic claims to have some answers – in the form of aromatic towels and pillow sprays, which will not only help you relax during the night flight but also help you drift into sleep and wake up more refreshed and acclimatised to the new time zone. The aromatic towels used during the night have a blend of lavender, eucalyptus, fragonia, lemon myrtle and peppermint oil, which helps in getting sound sleep.

If this is not enough, the airline has 13 films – available on the flight entertainment system which provides techniques to help customers sleep effectively on a plane- whether they are sitting up or lying down. The in-flight videos also help customers switch off from work or focus their mind ahead of an important business meeting.

For day flights, the blend of oils include bergamot, sweet orange and yang ylang to help customers feel refreshed and relaxed.

Jill Brady, executive vice president (customer experience), Virgin Atlantic, said:”It (new initiative) will provide a two-step aromatherapy kit on board for all upper class flights to help customers overcome jetlag and enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep.”

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