Howard Tseng is the creator of Airway Fit, a training program he says can cure snoring and mild sleep apnea, as reported by The Vancouver Sun.

At the core of AirwayFit is the fact that the position of a person’s tongue is behind snoring and sleep apnea. The sound of sawing logs is caused when the tongue muscle slips backward, covering some or all of the relatively small tubelike airway behind it, the pharynx. The typical causes are sleeping on your back, too much fat around the neck which narrows the airway and weak muscles, sometimes due to aging.

The answer, Tseng says, is to make your tongue stronger through five minutes of exercise a day. That way it is more likely to stay in its proper place during sleep, with its tip touching the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.

His entertaining set of mouth exercises include sticking your tongue out, up, down and all around.

“Do the practice as frequently as you can,” say AirwayFit’s training program. “Such as when you are driving (just make sure you don’t turn your head and face the other driver),” it adds helpfully.

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