A Huffington Post news report examines the practice of lucid dreaming, which involves a person who knows they are dreaming taking control of the dream.

The term “lucid dream” is credited to Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik van Eeden who coined it in 1860. Those who practice lucid dreaming know when they are dreaming, take control of their dreams and dictate their own dream script complete with settings, dialogue, action, special effects and cast of characters. Lucid dreaming is not a recent concept and is part of numerous cultures. Online dream databases such as DreamsCloud reveal lucid dreamers from all over the world in multiple languages and nearly every age group (3). Fifty percent of people report having at least one lucid dream and 20 percent consider themselves frequent lucid dreamers (4). Millennials report more lucid dreams than Baby Boomers. Accustomed to spending time in alternate realities, gamers are particularly adept at lucid dreaming (5).

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