The new device Napz is designed to stimulate lucid dreaming, according to a PSFK news report.

The biohacking device Napz, as designed by Octavio A. Martinez García, can stimulate lucid dreaming, a state where sleepers are aware that they are dreaming and can control many elements of what happens during the dream.

When the user puts the mask on, integrated lights engage and shine through the eyelids. They focus on Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which indicate which level of sleep somebody has arrived at and how actively they might be dreaming. The lights from Napz follow the RPM and trigger the eyes to see lights which triggers the ability to interact intentionally with a dream.

Dream control is a method that can help people suffering from insomnia, severe nightmares, PTSD and similar sleep disorders. Lucid dreaming has been a therapeutic technique for over a century, a skill achieved through practice. Napz and similar devices allow patients to access lucid dreaming more quickly. Instant access to controlled dreams has recreational applications, but lucid dream wearables are most interesting to people in treatment and recovery fields.

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