A Nebraska mom is sharing her strategy for getting kids to sleep on time, reports omaha.com.

“We lived in Nebraska and the kids went to bed beautifully. Then we did a stupid thing and moved to Philadelphia for a couple of years,” she said. “Suddenly the kids weren’t going to sleep very well at all. That’s when the Sleep Fairy was born.”

Peterson and her husband, Roger (who is also a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner), developed a system where their kids received small presents from the Sleep Fairy at night if they did a good job going to bed. To their delight, it worked quickly and the kids developed good bedtime habits once again. The Sleep Fairy faded away, off to help other children, and life resumed.

They shared how well it worked with friends and family who were having similar bedtime issues. Everyone who tried it raved about its effectiveness and encouraged Peterson to write a book.

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