Louise Miner has developed the product Rip n Go, a 2-part sheet set designed to help bed-wetting children, as reported by The Globe and Mail.

Armed with a grant from the Rainy River First Nations Trust, an organization that supports aboriginal business initiatives, Ms. Miner sourced textiles from China and brought them back to Canada, where she customized a waterproof polyester fabric blend to her exact specifications.

She registered her product idea under the name Rip n Go – about as no frills as it gets in an age of clever startup monikers – and put it through Health Canada testing standards.

Though she won’t reveal the exact components of her proprietary fabric, calling it a “trade secret,” she is happy to reveal how the rest of her system works.

Rip n Go is essentially a two-part sheet set that consists of a waterproof pad and a bottom sheet. The sheets connect to one another by Velcro rims stitched around their perimeter, making it easy to attach and detach the soiled sheet and toss it in the wash without requiring a full bed change.

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