According to Tech Crunch, French startup Rythm has announced that it is has raised more than $11 million for its headset designed to improve sleep.

French startup Rythm, which makes a tech-infused headset it claims improves sleep quality, announced Tuesday that it’s raised over $11 million from private investors and public grants. The ‘Dreem’ headset was announced last month, but only in a prototype form — this money should help bring it to a planned full consumer release in early 2017.

The idea is this: many restorative functions take place during the deepest phases of your sleep cycle, right? But those cycles are short and get shorter as the night goes on. The Dreem headset uses audio to stimulate the brain in a way that elongates those deep sleep cycles, which may improve the quality of your rest — and possibly memory and other cognitive functions as well.

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