From yoga to exercise and afternoon nap, the Daily Mail offers readers ten ways to help you sleep better tonight.

Today, a University of Freiburg study revealed exactly why sleep is so restorative.

Every day, new connections form between our brain cells with each thought, experience, sense or emotion.

At night, the connections in our brain are ‘re-set’ so that we are able to make new connections when we wake up the next day.

This nightly ‘recalibration’ may explain why we spend nearly third of our lifetimes sleeping – it is vital for the brain to continue to be able to remember, learn and interact with the word around us.

But many of us suffer from sleeping difficulties and search high and low for a remedy to help us drift off at night.

Research shows only 14 per cent of adults get their recommended quota of sleep every single night.

And more than one in five said they never managed to get a full night of quality sleep under their belts.

Separate research found ‘feeling tired’ was the second-most common reason for people skipping the gym.

This inevitably has a negative impact on their day-to-day lives, experts say.

So what can you do? Here, London-based health and fitness experts give their tips.

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