Peter Farrell, the founder of ResMed, recently gave a talk at an event hosted by the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign. 

Despite its prevalence, many physicians fail to consider and test for SDB, Farrell told the audience.

“It’s clear that sleep testing needs to be more widely adopted,” commented Tom Krummel, MD, a surgeon and co-director of Stanford Biodesign. “It is actually a cost-sparing approach since treatment for SDB reverses comorbidities, and reduces the need for hospital and medical services.”

Sleep has long been a focus of innovators in biodesign. To date, four companies have come out of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship in the areas of sleep and respiration: Tueo Health (pediatric asthma control), OneBreath (affordable mechanical ventilation), Lully (prevention of night terrors) and Ciel Medical (solving airway needs in the ICU).