The Peterborough Telegraph reports that Katie Clack of Peterborough, England, took her own life after developing narcolepsy linked to the swine flu vaccine.

Former Deeping School pupil Katie Clack, (23), died after she fell from the Queensgate multi-storey car park in Peterborough, on September 23, 2014.

The Peterborough nursery nurse, who died from head injuries, had developed narcolepsy within weeks after been given the vaccine for swine flu in December 2009.

Within days of having the injection the previously happy young woman was sleeping 12 hours a day, the court heard. At some points she was even sleeping up to 19 hours a day.

Her weight later ballooned by eight stone over the next four years and she stopped washing as her mental health deteriorated.

An inquest at Stamford heard that when Miss Clack was told she needed to have the vaccine because of working with children she was apprehensive. At the time she was working at Herlington pre school in Peterborough.

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