Megan Phallon discusses in Bend, Ore’s The Bulletin how her art has been influenced by her experience with narcolepsy.

Q: You’re a self-taught artist, right?

A: I am. Like I’ve told my friends, I have no idea if I’m doing any of it right. But I’ve loved art since I was a kid. I’ve always drawn everything, and I dream and (come up with) inventions. I have narcolepsy, so very vivid dreams are part of the nervous disorder. So I dream in sight, sounds, audio and visual, even (have) sense hallucinations, which sounds really creepy. Like you hear things that aren’t there, especially when you first click into REM sleep and when you’re waking up. You can smell stuff in your dreams that you haven’t smelled in years. … What you normally see in your dreams, you can see sometimes when you open your eyes.