According to The Times of Israel, the new device SleepASAP utilizes crowdsourced data to diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

Getting a good night’s sleep, however, is often more easily said that done – and to help more people get more and better quality sleep, Nadav Lankin and his team have developed SleepASAP, which he says is the world’s first crowdsourced, big data solution to sleep problems.

“There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of programs and methods the sleep-deprived can adopt in order to cure their insomnia,” said Lankin. “The question is, which one works best for each individual. That’s a question that can be answered either by a long period of experimentation, in which a person tries different methods to get themselves asleep – or by using the SleepASAP platform, where we tell them the most effective way to solve their sleep problems.”

While most sleep diagnosis tools require users to wear sensors or attached breathing tubes or other equipment to their body, SleepASAP is unique in that its diagnosis component is based completely on a conscious (i.e., awake) interaction between the user and an application.

“Wearing sensors or other equipment, besides being uncomfortable, is not always accurate because the wearer may move or dislodge it as they sleep,” said Lankin.

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