In this article from Dallas News, a sleeplessness specialist helps a woman who suffers from insomnia by encouraging treatment options that aren’t medication.

It’s hard for Michelle Foley of Murphy to remember exactly how long she struggled with insomnia. Her memory of the time is fuzzy.

But for about two years, she slept at best for a couple of hours a night, at worst, not at all. She saw lots of doctors who gave her lots of diagnoses, including early onset dementia and fibromyalgia. But she was pretty sure she knew what the problem was:

“I just need to sleep, people.”

A 46-year-old mother of an 8-year-old son, Foley felt the effects of sleeplessness in myriad ways. She was afraid to drive very far. “I kept dozing off.” She feared for her job as a security program manager for Microsoft because she kept losing her train of thought during presentations.