Cooling sheets, mats, and bed linens are now being introduced as an over-the-counter solution to sleeping disorders that may have a temperature component, such as insomnia. Cooling pads and packs are also being inserted inside pillow cases, or used as pillows, in order to keep the head, and the whole body, cool.

Manufacturer New Home Innovations says complaints against these cooling pads and packs have something to do with comfort. “They are often too small or too lumpy, causing pain on the neck and shoulders. This resulted in the manufacture of large cooling pillows—effective solutions that address both the sleep disorder and the comfort issue in one fell swoop,” New Home Innovations says.

To that end, New Home Innovations introduces the PolarGel Pillow. It makes use of the latest in cooling gel technology to provide the relief needed for extreme heat, hot flashes, and even nighttime sweats, according to the company. The gel, coupled with the high quality cotton and other materials used, combines to bring insomniacs comfort and the right temperature to achieve deep, uninterrupted, and satisfying sleep. It comes in an extra large size, measuring 12-by-22 inches, ensuring a wider area for heat dispersion.