A news report from the Observer details the new products and technology startup companies are introducing to improve sleep.

Now, everything for a good night’s sleep can be purchased online, no middleman necessary.

“Two years ago, everyone bought their mattresses at Sleepy’s, everyone bought their sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond or department stores,” Mr. Fulop said. “But with the accessibility and evolution of direct-to-consumer models, in order to move a product, you don’t need to pay licensing. You don’t need shelf space.”

And of course, by eliminating the paradox of choice, these brands have made it easy for the confused consumer. That is no small part of the appeal of a Casper or Tuft & Needle, both of which sell just one mattress rather than a baffling array of brands and price ranges. Other new mattress companies like Saatva or Keetsa go a more personalized route, but there is still a finite limit to the number of options.

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