Wired reports that Withings has partnered with Spotify to integrate music and user playlists into the Aura Sleep System.

That being said, Withings has attempted to rectify these problems and overall the Aura Sleep System offers a truly unique way of getting to grips with and improving your sleep patterns. The added Spotify integration will be very welcome, especially given that the music preprogrammed into the Aura doesn’t necessarily offer the most endearing set of sounds to drop off to. Many of these sounds have been chosen as they are known to have an impact on sleep, but Withings is creating its own Spotify playlists of songs it discovers are able to replicate this effect.

“We are excited about being integrated in the Withings Aura product as it helps our users enjoy their Spotify sleep and wake up playlists in a more integrated and meaningful way and we hope this will positively impact the quality of their sleep and well being,” commented Spotify business development manager Riad Hawa.

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