A grieving mother is sharing the story of her child’s death to help prevent future tragedies, reports Rhode Island news station WPRI. 

Saucedo’s life changed forever on the morning of November 19, 2014, when she woke up next to Ben’s lifeless body. The Medical Examiner told her that Ben had suffocated.

Saucedo said that’s something he will never forget.

“I was surprised when he said that he suffocated because, well you know, his airways were clear and we were in the same spot that we were when I had fallen asleep and he had. He’s like, ‘no it could’ve been something as simple as your hand on his stomach because he’s so tiny,’” she recalled.

“Or what we think happened is I was exhaling in his face and it created this pocket where he couldn’t get enough oxygen, and it slowly suffocates someone when they don’t get enough oxygen,” Saucedo continued. “Who knows what exactly happened, but it’s hard to think that if I hadn’t brought him in my bed I would still have, he would still be here.”

Saucedo said part of the grieving process is sharing Ben’s story. She’s started a nonprofit in his name: Benny Bears. Their goal is to educate new parents on safe sleeping practices so no family has to live with the pain she does every day.

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