Can you solve this sleep medicine-themed crossword puzzle, designed specifically for Sleep Review readers? A hard copy published in the May 2017 issue.


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Sleep Medicine-Themed Clues

1 Consuming this stimulant close to bedtime can negatively impact sleep
5 National organization providing sleep advocacy and education, abbr.
8 Praise
9 Calibration study for a device such as CPAP
11 Ribonucleic acid, abbr.
12 Overnight in-lab sleep study, abbr.
14 Conductors used in sleep studies, _____s
16 Measurement of current
17 Sleep disorder symptom, abbr.
18 Pale
21 College website address ending
22 To make skin ready before electrode placement
23 Sleep Review to publish 8 this year, __s
24 R___, sleep state, abbr.
26 Diagram showing the relationship between variable quantities
28 Part of the eye
29 Twofold
30 Approximately, 2 words
31 Abbreviation for pain
33 Time delay
34 When this death occurs, it is usually during sleep, abbr.

1 Sudden loss of muscle tone associated with a rare sleep disorder
2 Substance deposited as a layer under skin and around organs
3 Environmental regulators, abbr.
4 A snorer makes it
5 Sleep disorder in which symptoms can include sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations
6 To help entrain circadian rhythm, a
patient may increase exposure to
this in the morning
7 Agency regulating and approving new drugs, abbr.
10 Take home pay
13 Symptom of obstructive sleep apnea
14 _______ Sleepiness Scale
15 Involuntary urination, especially by children at night
19 Sleeping briefly outside the main sleep period
20 Type of painkillers that can cause
central sleep apnea
24 Make a mistake
25 CPAP interface
26 The FDA’s URL ending
27 Italian river
31 East coast state, for short
32 Every patient has one

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