Bustle takes on Gwyneth Paltrow’s “clean sleeping” trend.

In an article adapted from her new book Clean Beauty and published theDaily Mail, Paltrow explains that clean sleeping is the practice of prioritizing sleep above all else. She calls for getting at least eight hours of sleep each night (and ideally 10), and going to sleep every night by 10 p.m.; limiting caffeine intake “to support the gut and adrenals”; exercising regularly (ideally before noon) to “reset your body’s circadian rhythm”; and keeping your bedroom wholly separate from work. Paltrow also advocates investing in a copper pillowcase ($40 on Amazon) to fight off bacteria.

Many of these practices are common sense sleep strategies, just taken to the extreme limit. But many people are wondering if there might be some science behind these claims, especially the ones that go above and beyond the typical sleep advice that we’re used to. Read through to learn about the tenets of clean sleeping, and whether sleep experts think that it works.

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