A dad’s unusual method of dealing with his newborn baby’s sleeplessness? Graph it, reports Discover.

In addition to feedings and diaper changes, Andrew Elliot, an industrial designer by day, recorded his daughter’s sleeping patterns to make sure all systems were normal. And after manually collecting six months of daily sleep data using the Baby Connect app, Elliot relied on his technical know-how to extract the numbers and compose a stunning visualization of his daughter’s sleeping habits in the opening days of her life.

His graphic was a big hit on Reddit, but it’s also an excellent representation of what researchers know about sleep cycles early in life.

“I was recording her sleeping times because as a first-time parent I thought I would do whatever it took to keep her alive (so far so good),” Elliot wrote (she’s now two years old). “When you’re a new, sleep-deprived parent, it’s hard to notice changes in patterns like this, but the visualizations make it very clear.”

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