MicroDental’s ProSomnus Sleep Technologies division became Apnea Guard certified this week.

Apnea Guard is a temporary oral appliance that provides outcomes equivalent to a custom appliance for obstructive sleep apnea treatment, according to manufacturer Advanced Brain Monitoring. Among other uses, Apnea Guard is used for predicting which patients will respond to a custom oral appliance. ProSomnus is a part of MicroDental that focuses on obstructive sleep apnea treatment (OSA).

“ProSomnus Sleep Technologies is committed toward products that provide faster and more effective treatment of OSA, such as with our flagship product, the MicrO2 Sleep Device. The MicrO2 in combination with the Apnea Guard is a perfect example of driving towards this goal,“ says Dave Kuhns, VP technology of MicroDental and ProSomnus.

Apnea Guard certification means that dentists who use ApneaGuard can now directly transfer ApneaGuard’s titration settings to a MicroDental dental lab, without having to do a separate set of impressions for the custom Micro02 appliance.

Requirements for Apnea Guard certification include submitting case reports and passing a facility inspection.