On their own, COPD and obstructive sleep apnea contribute to tens of thousands of American deaths every year, but the conditions can occur together and the overlap can have increased deleterious effects on the health of patients. Our sister publication RT Magazine reports.

Independent of one another, these conditions directly and indirectly contribute to tens of thousands of American deaths every year. However, these two diseases can occur in a comorbid relationship known as OLDOSA syndrome (obstructive lung disease and obstructive sleep apnea), also known as OVS (overlap syndrome). Together, their negative effects can be even greater than their impact alone. The disease is an important topic for respiratory therapists to understand because it occurs frequently in the population, and—with the increase in obesity, improved awareness of OSA, and the current number of COPD patients—OLDOSA will be more and more prevalent. This article will explore OLDOSA syndrome and provide a guide for RTs to consider as they care for and educate this population.