According to the Mirror, University of Oxford researchers claim sleep and a good night’s rest are the best way to fight feelings of gloom.

Now experts from the University of Oxford are claiming that the best way to minimise the impact of this gloomy day on employees and businesses could be a good night’s rest.

Studies show that sleep and mental health are intimately linked, and people suffering from insomnia are more likely to suffer from depression.

“We all know that after a sleepless night we can feel a bit tired and irritable, but most of us can bounce back after a good night’s sleep,” said Professor Colin Espie , world sleep expert from the University of Oxford and co-founder of Sleepio .

“People who suffer from chronic sleep problems have more difficulty recognising and managing emotions, and are at double the risk of developing depression.”

Sleep problems reportedly affect one in three people in the UK at any one time, and about 10% of the population on a chronic basis.

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