A report from The Huffington Post discusses the impact of sleep deprivation and sleep quality on sex.

Today, the resounding excuse for not having sex isn’t “I have a headache,” says Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. He says, “It’s ‘I’m exhausted.’”

Breus estimates that 30 to 40 percent of Americans who experience a lowered sex drive can chalk up their sexual frustrations to sleep deprivation.

“There’s plenty of data that shows undiagnosed sleep apnea lowering libido in men and women,” Breus says. (It’s also been linked to lowered sperm count in men.)

A 2014 study concluded that for women, a longer sleep duration led to greater sexual desire the following day. Multiple studies have found that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone levels in men.

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